Profile of 7Visa Service Limited

7Visa Service Limited (7Visa, for short) was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Shanghai. 7visa established branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Qingdao, Hefei, Ha'er'bin and Wuhan. These companies have obtained licenses issued by the Ministry of Public Security of China.

7visa's business positioning is: "immigration and visa service experts", with "rigorous, professional, full process" as the service concept.

The main business of 7visa includes: providing comprehensive solutions for the convenience of Chinese citizen visa application; providing systematic and full-service for high-net-worth individuals to emigrate overseas. After a long period of hard work, 7visa has maintained a high reputation for Chinese citizens to settle abroad, visit relatives, visit friends and other services for private entry and exit activities.

About Visa Agency Business, In the past five years, 7visa has provided services to hundreds of thousands of people and kept zero complaints. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with nearly 50 embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce and industry associations.

In the past two years, 7visa has opened visa centres in major cities in China, such as the Israel Visa  Application Centre in Shanghai and Guangzhou, the Nepal Visa Shanghai Acceptance Centre and the Zhengzhou Service Centre, the Visa Assistance Centre of Zhengzhou Representative Office of Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, etc. The Joint Visa Service Centre of Bulgaria and other countries located in Peninsulas is also accelerating preparations.

In particular, the “Henan Union Visa Centre” initiated by 7visa was supported by the Zhengzhou Municipal Government and China-Asia Economic Development Association (affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs PRC). This centre has won the attention of the governor of Henan Province.

In the immigration service business, 7Visa has established a professional team consisting of returnees and overseas Chinese, focusing on high-net-worth individuals and providing one-to-one full-service. It not only solves the immigration application problems, but also provides consulting services such as asset allocation, children education, local community integration, and domestic asset management, etc.

At present, the “Belt and Road” proposed by the Chinese government has received an ordinary response from the whole world, which provides a good business opportunity for 7visa. 7visa will continue to pursue high quality services and become a leading company in the field of civil diplomacy.





在签证服务方面,多年来累计代理送签或提供签证服务达数十万人次,并保持零投诉。与近 50 家使领馆、工商联系统所属商会、行业协会建立了长期而稳定的合作关系。