Products and Services 

1. Accept the entrustment of friendly countries, research on the visa application policy of Chinese citizens, and propose market-oriented solutions.

7trip has established a team of professional researchers in cooperation with China-Asia Economic Development Association, Shanghai Modern Tourism Cooperation & Exchange Centre and Fudan University Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research Centre.

2. Agent for consular authentication. Provide guidance to aplicants with the authentication materials according to the requirements of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and consulates of various countries. 

7trip has the ability to provide high-quality translation services and consulting services for dual-certification requirements in different countries.

3. Assist clients to apply for residence visas and permanent residence visas according to the different circumstances.

7trip's Visa Services Department works closely with the Immigration Services Department to complete the visa requirements for immigration overseas for high-net-worth clients and to ensure the convenience and legitimacy of the procedures.

4. Provide business visas or short-term private visas  agency services (visa centres such as Israel excepted) for group clients such as chambers of commerce, associations and large enterprises.

7trip has established close cooperative relationships with dozens of chambers of commerce, associations and a large number of enterprises to provide the services for their employees.