1. The success of your visa application is completely determined by the embassy or consulate based on the application materials you submitted; 7visa does not bear the responsibility for refusal.

2. "Working day" is the processing time under normal circumstances when the embassy issues a visa.

3. The Embassy may ask the applicant to fill in the information or ask the applicant to go to the embassy for an interview.

4. In any case, the visa fee will not be refunded.

5. When the passport is damaged, such as being soaked in water, traces of fire, etc., the Embassy will not accept it. Please also ensure that there are at least 4 blank pages on the passport visa page, otherwise the consulate may refuse to sign.

6. After the visa is approved, 7trip will deliver the passport to the applicant on the same day. Our company usually chooses SF Express (the fee is paid by the applicant).